As you are most likely aware Llantwit Major is a Fairtrade town.  Once a month we will be posting information and opportunities for our community to support Fairtrade.

Globally the pandemic has generally had greatest impact on the poorest, most vulnerable communities. Fairtrade is working in these communities helping support sustainable, businesses, providing safe reliable, work providing a living wage. As lockdown eases please look out for the Fairtrade logo when you shop. It’s not just tea, coffee, bananas and chocolate Many other products are readily available in our local shops. Shop local, shop Fairtrade. If you would like to be more involved please get in touch.

The Fairtrade Foundation also have campaigns to bring change to make business fairer. Look up the links below to find out more

The fight for living incomes | Fairtrade Foundation

Fairtrade and climate justice | Fairtrade Foundation