As Llantwit Major Town has grown, so has the Council. The Town is split into 4 wards, North, West, South East and Boverton with a total of 14 Town Councillors who take an active part in the running of the Community.

Listed below is Councillors Register of Interest for the year:



Contact Councillors here. Click on the name of the councillor to find out their contact details and to email them directly.

Gwyn John West Ward 01446 793669 
David John Powell West Ward 01446 792527 
Gerwyn Thomas South East Ward 01446 792007
Jeff Evans Boverton Ward 01446 678455
Sally M Hanks Boverton Ward 01446 796803
Gordon Wilkie South East Ward 01446 795490
Jayne Norman North Ward  07754 746668
Peter Dickson North Ward 01446 790393
Peter David Ellis North Ward 01446 796517
Eddie Williams North Ward 01446 793021
David Foster North Ward 01446 792179
Graham Morgan   South East Ward 07848 929582
Gillian Hughes Boverton Ward 07978 707058
 Robert Gant Boverton ward 01446 795367