Footpath Forum

The Footpath Forum consists of several organisations interested in maintaining a network of public rights of way around the town and surrounding countryside. Llantwit Major lies on the 14 mile of coastline looked after by the Heritage Coast.

The Forum are active in ensuring that access is widened not only to the local community, but also to encourage visitors to the town and area. This is being achieved through the "Walkers are Welcome" initiative and the "etrails" project.

Several notable walks have been identified as part of the pioneering etrails project. These walks were mapped using gps smartphones to record the routes. Media was added to these routes to provide the walker with information on the location. Instead of taking a map, the walker can now take a guided walk. The trails can be downloaded from the Peoples Collection (Casgliad Pobl) website

Llantwit Major is a welcoming town to the large of numbers of walkers taking in choices of the coast, countryside and historic heritage within the town.

Support from local businesses have enabled the application for Walkers are Welcome status to be well on the way to being achieved.

Members of the Forum are also contributing to the Walking Festival in May 2011.

Agendas of the Footpath Forum

Minutes of the Footpath Forum