Llantwit Major obtained Fairtrade Town Status in January 2009

Kate Meakin from Fairtrade Wales awarded the certificate at a ceremony held in the Llantonian Hall.

Fairtrade Group Status Award Ceremony 2009Fairtrade Town Status Award Ceremony

Members of the Fairtrade group from left to right:

Annie Paine, Fairtrade Forum member; Janet Moisen, Chamber of Trade; Molly Lane, Mayoress of Llantwit Major;  Kate Meakin, Fairtrade Wales; Gorden Taylor, New Hope;  Lynne Williams, Schools liaison officer; Cllr Russell Downe and Cllr Eddie Williams.


Fairtrade Fortnight 2009

As part of the Successful World Record Banana eating record attempt pupils and staff from Llantwit Major Schools ate a banana. They joined others from across Britain during Fairtrade Fortnight to promote helping farmers and their communities improve their standard of living. A greater percentage of the monies generated from the sale of Fairtrade bananas is given to the producers to enable schools and facilities to be built. Guess who was involved and which Schools Fairtrade Fortnight 2009

This year we will be “showing off the label”