The council has several committees to undertake the variety of functions and responsibilities within its powers

Full Town Council 

Finance and Policy Committee

Buildings and Recreation Committee

Planning Committee

Town Study Steering Group

Footpath Forum

Cenotaph Forum

Cemetery Forum

Stillbirth’s and Cemetery Children’s Memorial Garden Project

Youth Activities Forum

British Legion Panel

Five Year Plan Committee


School Garden

Website Committee

Allotment Tenancy sub Committee

Boverton Road Regeneration sub committee

Working Group Re Town Council/Office Staff 

Citizen of the Year Committee

Bowls Club Sub Committee

Council Chamber Redecoration Committee

Funding Forum Committee

Wellbeing of Future Generations Committee

Sports Development Committee 

Small Sculpture Committee

Nations Trubute Committee

Provision of Youth Services

Tennis Sub Committee

Mayoral Inauguration Forum

Appeal Hearing (Personnel)

Appeals Committee (Personnel)

Grievance Panel (Personnel)

Interview Panel

Council Representative Bodies/Committees


Christmas Illuminations Forum

Llantwit Major Surf Lifesaving Club


Vale of Glamorgan Council Community Liaison Committee

Vale of Glamorgan Council Conservation Advisory Committee

Twinning Association

Rural Vale Police/Community Consultative Panel

Chamber of Trade

Llanilltud Fawr in Flower

Good Neighbourhood Scheme Steering Group

Crossroads in the Vale (EMI) Ltd

Llantwit Major Events Group

Power Station Group


Tidy Towns

Minor Authority Representation on Vale Primary School Governing Bodies


Llanilltud Fawr Primary

St Illtyd’s Junior and Infant

Eagleswell Junior and Infant

The number of councillors and membership including the Chairman of these committees, groups and forums can be seen on the Committee Membership.